MATC Fellows

MATC Fellows

MATC Fellow honorees are persons who have made a significant contribution to the theatre.

Arthur Ballet, 1988
Jed Davis, 1988
Patricia Mcllrath, 1988
Charles Shattuck, 1990
Ron Engle, 1993
Burnet Hobgood, 1994
Glen Q. Pierce, 1997
Julia Curtis, 1999
Tice Miller, 2001
Felicia Londre, 2002
Robert Schanke, 2002
Weldon Durham, 2003
Fergus Currie, 2005
Billy J. Harbin, 2006
Kent Neely, 2006
Judith Zivanovic, 2006
John Poole, 2009
Bill Jenkins, 2010
Rosemarie K. Bank, 2012
Dorothy Chansky, 2015
Cheryl Black, 2015
Rhona Justice-Malloy, 2015
Jon Herbert, 2015
Anne Fletcher, 2015

Mark E. Mallett, 2017


Complimentary Conference Registration is a Fellows’ benefit.  Fellows planning to attend are asked to email MATC President Peter Campbell


MATC FELLOW Nominations

MATC maintains an ongoing search for honorees.  If you would like to recommend an individual for consideration as an MATC Fellow, please send your nomination as an email (with attachments) with a statement of rationale for your nomination to MATC President Peter Campbell:


  • Your Full Name
  • Nominee’s Full Name
  • Nominee’s Institution/Affiliation
  • Nominee’s CV,   as an attachment
  • Your Email Address