Actors, Directors and Dramaturgs

The 39th Annual Mid-America Theatre Conference

Hyatt Regency Milwaukee  ~~  March 15-18, 2018



Click this link for a downloadable PDF of the CFP:  MATC Playwriting 2018 CFDADS

The Playwriting Symposium of the Mid-America Theatre Conference seeks Actors, Stage Managers, Directors, Scenographers, and Dramaturgs who wish to participate in our juried new play Dramatists Lab. Selected participants will collaborate to present staged readings of new ten-minute plays at the conference during the Playwriting Symposium sessions.

For the 2018 meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, MATC takes on the theme of “Spin” because performance can reel us in or send us reeling, causing swivels in styles and puzzlement or pivots in punditry and pedagogy.

The call for Actors, Stage Managers, Directors, Scenographers and Dramaturgs is directed primarily at academic theatre artists who are faculty members or graduate students and/or professionals in the field who seek the opportunity to participate in New Play Development alongside their peers. However undergraduates with a faculty member who will write a recommendation for them are welcome to apply! And, first-time conference attendees, please know that we welcome your applications in any of these areas as well!

Since we are meeting in Milwaukee this year, we hope that theatre artists in the region will help us spread the word to colleagues in both academic and professional theatre within the reach of the conference.

The selected plays will be rehearsed and performed as staged readings. Each ten-minute play receives limited rehearsal time at the conference and all participants assigned to a given project will have the final script in hand prior to the start of the conference. You MAY submit in MORE than one category.


Acceptance will be acknowledged by early January 2018. Please direct all questions to Milbre Burch at

All theatre artists who are selected must register for the conference. Unfortunately, there is no funding from the conference for travel or lodging costs.



Please submit a recent headshot or recent photo (jpg), a resume or bio, and a brief letter describing the types of roles you usually play. Tell us, too, if you have any experience working with new plays or being involved in staged readings. Approximately two roles are assigned to each actor. Please note that a second call for actors will go out in mid-January after the plays and other MATC conference papers have been chosen, but actors who respond to the first call will be given preference.


New this year! We are seeking a maximum of Four (4) Stage Managers to assist the Dramatists Lab in communication with the teams assigned to each script, coordination of our staggered rehearsal schedule on site, execution of SM duties during rehearsals plus preparation and breakdown of the space for each staged reading during the symposium. Applicants can include undergraduates in a BFA Stage Management program or undergraduates in a BA theatre program with significant stage management experience. In either case we ask for a recommendation from your academic advisor to signal your readiness to take on the responsibility. Please submit a resume or CV detailing stage management experience and a one-page (or less) letter describing your approach to stage-managing work.  If you are an undergraduate, please include a brief note from the academic advisor in your BFA or BA program, supporting your application.


We are especially eager to expand our pool of applicants for scenographers! Please submit a resume or CV detailing scenic design experience and a one-page (or less) letter describing your approach to designing new work. Also please attach two samples of your design work in the form of sketches or renderings. Please note that we are still growing the “visual dramaturgy” aspect of our Dramatists Lab and hope that you will help us spread the word to your scenography colleagues and contacts in academic and professional communities so that we can offer scenography sketches for a larger number of plays in the symposium.


Please submit a resume or CV detailing directing experience and a one-page (or less) letter describing your experience and approach to directing and developing new work. In your letter, please describe the types of work you are drawn to as a director because we strive to match each script to a director interested in that genre or style.


Please submit a resume or CV and a one-page (or less) letter describing your dramaturgy experience, both with new work and in other capacities. Again, it is imperative that you describe the kinds of projects you might find interesting to explore at this conference as we strive to match dramaturgs with appropriate projects. Please indicate whether or not you are also interested in participating in the Plays-In-Progress initiative. For a description of the initiative, please see the Plays-in-Progress CFP.

Submit by email only (Word .doc or .docx or PDF) as follows:

Actors and Stage Managers: Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson, Co-Chair at

Directors and Scenographers: Milbre Burch, Co-Chair at

Dramaturgs: Aaron Scully at